Choosing analysis type

This tutorial sections covers choosing an analysis methods required for setting up an experiment in Modelon Impact.

Once we have our Workspace setup, we need to choose an analysis method to fetch the different options available for configuring our compilation and simulation steps. The analysis methods in Modelon Impact are referred to as custom functions. There are different analysis methods one can choose from depending on the workflow we intend to use. We can fetch a list of available analysis methods and print them by executing:

custom_functions = [ for custom_function in workspace.get_custom_functions()

By default, there are two available custom functions shipped with Impact: steady state and dynamic. It is also possible to create an analysis function for a specific need by following the documentation available in the Help Center in Modelon Impact (located at <impact URL>/help). For this tutorial, we will use the dynamic custom function:

dynamic = workspace.get_custom_function('dynamic')

This will return an instance of a dynamic CustomFunction class object. This CustomFunction class will be used as input for creating an experiment.