Install Modelon Impact Client

You can install Modelon Impact Client with pip, or by installing from source. To locate a Python client version that works with your version of Modelon Impact, refer to the compatibility mapping.


You can install the client with pip:

pip install modelon-impact-client


The modelon-impact-client package is not hosted on any conda channels. However, you can still install the client with conda using pip. Refer to using pip in an environment for instructions.

Install from Source

The client library is actively developed on GitHub. To install Modelon Impact Client from source, clone the repository from GitHub:

git clone
cd impact-client-python
python -m pip install .


Modelon Impact Client supports Python versions 3.9 or higher. The client library is developed in sync with Modelon Impact and is kept updated with the latest changes in the tool.

Modelon Impact Vs Python client version compatibility map

Modelon Impact version

Python client version


1.1.x (pip install modelon-impact-client~=1.1.0)


1.2.x (pip install modelon-impact-client~=1.2.0)

1.8.x, 1.9.x, 1.10.x

2.4.x (pip install modelon-impact-client~=2.4.0)


3.0.x (pip install modelon-impact-client~=3.0.0)


3.0.x (pip install modelon-impact-client~=3.0.0)